Pink Lava Glow

A fluid artwork that gracefully replicates the intricate patterns reminiscent of the surface of Jupiter.

This extraordinary piece, adorned with pinky, reddish hues and warm golden glows, exudes a captivating and cosmic charm. 

Tailored for boho decor enthusiasts. Complements various settings, from eclectic and artistic bedrooms to vibrant living rooms or even chic home offices. This versatile artwork seamlessly merges with various interior styles, allowing you to bring a touch of cosmic wonder into your home. 

Add this unique and enchanting piece to your decor, as it promises to elevate your space to a new level of artistry and individuality.

Purchase it now as a digital print or the original painting!

Medium Acrylic on stretched canvas, varnished
Dimensions (cm) 40 x 50 x 2.5
Original painting $380
Limited run prints
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