Carnivale Series

The Carnivale Series is a trio of acrylic art paintings that beckon bold, playful, and vibrant colours.

These pieces capture the joyful carnival expressions on canvas, infusing your favourite spaces with vitality and creativity.

Each painting represents the spirit of celebration, whether it's a Carnivale parade, a festive gathering, or the simple joy of being alive. 

These artworks encourage a deeper connection with friends and family by evoking a shared appreciation for colour, playfulness, and abstract thinking. Just as Carnivale celebrations unite communities, these paintings invite people to come together, savour the beauty of life and the connections that make it so special.

It's a visual representation of happiness, celebrating the diversity, energy, and the potentiality of each day.

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Number of paintings in series 3
Medium Acrylic on stretched canvas, varnished
Dimensions (cm) 30 x 30 x 2.5
Original series $600
Original painting $250
Limited run prints
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